Bagera (Pty) Ltd is owned and managed by the award-winning family team, Blanché Frölich – van Zyl and her two daughters, Sanche Jansen van Rensburg and Nadia Thome. They are driven by inspiration, passion, determination, and innovation with their success anchored by their commitment, hard work and a passion for excellence. They have lived and operated in New York, Miami, Atlanta, London, Munich, Paris, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Collectively they have been exposed to great mentors and have participated in magnificent collaborations, both locally and internationally. This has resulted in the trio individually being decorated through various multiple awards. They have collected over 60 awards since 1999. Amongst them we name a few favourites awarded in South Africa including: SA Designer of the Year Award Winner / Foschini Fashion Design Award Winner / Campaign of the Year Award Winner / The South African Style Award Winner / Cosmopolitan Magazine: Awesome Woman of the Year Winner / Elle Magazine: Designer Label of the Year Winner / Glamour Magazine: Most desirable SA label of the Year Winner / Loerie Advertising Award: Various Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in various categories / Elle Magazine: Best dressed woman of the Year Winner. They are a family of skilled designers and determined business women - passionate, pioneers of new products, design and brand development with strong work ethic and a sincere sense of “family” with an unwavering knack for perfection and breaking boundaries as what anchors the trio. Their prevailing objective is to continue the tradition of fine craftsmanship and delivering to a loyal and discerning local and international clientele - a guaranteed product of distinction.


All staff members are held accountable for the strict adherence to the international regulations. Conservation and protection are a sensitive and personal issue for this family. Purposely making a difference in the lives of their South African workforce through continued job creation, provision of development opportunities for their workers is an important part of the family’s business model. The empowerment of shared and individual ambition created through vision, assisted opportunity and training. Bagera (Pty) Ltd has a diverse workforce that provides fertile ground for inspiration, a wealth of experience and innovation from a broad spectrum of generations, cultures and backgrounds, resulting in the fusion of many talents and brilliant ideas. A fully integrated high-quality design and manufacturing facility is located in a rural area (close to Johannesburg). The operation is managed through a Trust. All proceeds are set aside and belong to the workforce.


“GLASS” BAG brand was established in 2015 by the vibrant and experienced founder, Blanché Frölich – van Zyl. Her innovative nature was on a quest to create a beautiful but yet simple fashion accessory bag that was customisable, as additional parts can be bought to mix and match according to an outfit, preference, or mood on the day. The brand aim is to give our customers a greater freedom to express themselves sartorially and to accessorise in a distinctive and ever changing way. The perfect marriage of form and function explains her hope and intention to create a cult following amongst those appreciative of practical and aesthetic design. Our first range and product launch is characterised by clean minimalist design with mix and match canvas inners in a wide range of colours and design. The BAGERA “GLASS” BAG is a South African made product that is customisable and distinctive. The “GLASS” BAG is made of laminated Super Clear PVC, it is resilient, waterproof, lightweight and tactile.


Create your own bespoke “GLASS” BAG and swap around your inners to suit your mood and colour. You may never meet some else with the same “GLASS” BAG as you as the inners are all limited editions due to the fact that they are seasonal. Each “GLASS” BAG comes with ONE interchangeable inner, zip-up, canvas bag. Available at an additional cost is various interchangeable, customisable, new designs in various colours. Accessorise you “GLASS” BAG with a variety, inner, zip-up, canvas bags for additional functionality, privacy and some security. Note: Each inner fits a specific BAGERA “GLASS” BAG as they are custom made to each unique style. Some “GLASS” BAGS are unisex, sporty, practical and versatile, all with interchangeable inners. The current season’s releases will be further enhanced over the coming season with additional accessories.


The large round limited edition Beach Bag is beautifully simple, practical and a modern leisure bag, making an original fashion statement. Its design and construction makes it ideal for holidays on the beach.


BAGERA “GLASS” BAGS are waterproof and be cleaned using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning liquids. DO NOT put your bag into the washing machine or tumble dryer. To avoid warping – please do not leave your “GLASS” BAG out in the sun or exposed to high temperatures for any extended period of time. Inners must be washed in luke warm soapy water. DON NOT tumble dry as it is cotton based it will shrink.

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